Item no : 431


Features :
  • LEDs Mood Light, no bulb to replace
  • A marvelous versatile tabletop that will match any decor or occasion
  • Pefect for individual Dracaena sanderiana (Lucky Bamboo) or a single stem of a favored bloom
  • Weighted at the bottom to prevent tipping
  • A great alternative to candle light - won't go out from wind, drip wax on table......


  • 3 x 3mm bright LED
  • Quality glass tube
  • Stylish Stand with illuminated trimmings and handle
  • Non-slipping pads at the bottom of Stand
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries  ( batteries not included )
  • Continuous use for over 10 hours with 3 alkaline AAA batteries
  • On/ Off options :
    a.  Manual On / Off  (431)
    b.  Light Sensor - automatically light up after dark (431A)
    c.  Rainbow LED, Manual On / Off (431B)
  • Size :  Width 9cm  x  Depth 12cm  x   Height 18cm